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Covid business trends - Amston Homes


Are You afraid of the India economy? There are several covid business trends reports coming throughout the world with regard to a slowdown in economy worldwide and in India. But how long will be the slowdown? how much will be the impact of this slowdown? Is there some deliberate attempt to make a mountain out of a molehill?

There is no doubt in accepting the fact that the effect of covid-19 on the world will affect the economy in a negative manner. But how much is the extent of this impact? pre-covid GDP projections are impossible to predict with accuracy but a clear improvement in the economy will be visible after the lifting the lockdown restrictions across the world.

How the economic effect of covid-19 is going to affect an ordinary individual?

The world is hopeful that a permanent solution for this covid pandemic is going to evolve within one to two years time span. At the same time, there are arguments that the world population will get forced to live with this pandemic like HIV. Whatever be the case the innovative minds in the business world arena will find new ways to keep their businesses and jobs alive.

Now, when it comes to the Indian economy in specific, the economic figures and covid business trends are tricky. Being a country built on strong democratic and economic foundation prominently based on agriculture, India's major exports are of processed petroleum by-products, pharmaceuticals, precious stones, textiles and its related products, agriculture products and spices in specific, leather products, software and related service sectors. Out of these sectors it's predicted that the most affected will be the luxury product spectrum which includes precious stone, leather goods and the like. Surprisingly, due to the REPO rate cut by RBI industry sectors such as real estate, automobile and the like is expected to come out strong in the coming months. Currently, interest rates in the housing sector are the lowers in 25 years which makes this covid times best to fulfil your dream house construction work.

The covid business trends when it comes to the oil industry is predicted to recover to a large extend once countries start lifting the restrictions on travel during the lockdown. The experts are hopeful that, with the rise in oil demand the GCC nations economy will bounce back. At the same time, covid business trends clearly show that essential commodities such as agriculture-related products, pharmaceutical and the like will be the least affected. In many parts of the world, covid business trends with these industries are showing a tremendous increase as well. Due to these trend countries like India can get benefited as agriculture products and spices are one of the major export industry of India.

Definitely there will be a void in the economy due to the covid lockdown according to many covid business trends reports. This will increase unemployment and salary cuts throughout the world. Due to this reason, peoples buying capacity can get affected in a negative manner, which can adversely affect the demand for products and business growth in general. Foreseeing this trend several governments throughout the world currently is pushing for various economic stimulus packages.

The world we live in has faced and successfully recovered from the far worse crisis than covid-19 in the past. For example, take the case of world war II. The total fatality rate an estimated between 6 Cr to 8Cr, economic loss around Rs. 300 lakh crore. Most of the countries in Europe and many in the regions of Mediterranean, Baltic and Asian witnessed total destruction. Yet the world slowly recovered from that horrible situation. Therefore, we need to understand what is happening around us is happening all around the world and the world will recover from it in due course. The various covid business trends reports coming throughout the world also clearly shows this path of recovery in due course of time. In the meantime, as mentioned early, there are certain opportunities as well during this covid time such as investment in construction and real estate industries by carefully studying the upcoming economic stimulus packages, investment in the agriculture sector, pharmaceutical industry and the like.


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